Here’s what drives us.

Our purpose is to have a positive, sustainable impact on individual lives and the world we live in – by empowering people to make the best possible decisions to improve business, education, healthcare, communications, entertainment and every other relevant aspect of our daily lives.

When it comes to decision making we highly value human intuition and creativity. But we do believe the smartest calls are made when reliable insights are available. That’s why we are committed to deliver high quality data which are produced in a trusted and transparent way.

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Transparency is by far the most important condition for the future of our hyper-connected world. It’s essential to be able to trust the provided information, or – as we call it – to see the whole truth.

Therefore our digital infrastructure must be a secure and transparent environment for everyone. And all data – from any given source – must be handled with the utmost respect, according to the highest possible ethical standards. As a result, data driven organizations can fully rely on excellent data to improve their business and users will enjoy trusted experiences only.

To underline the importance of data ethics
we follow these guidelines in everything we do:

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Our principles

Human Technology

We believe in a sustainable digital society, based on technology developed with human values in mind. In our book, this means technology is:

  • on purpose and made to do the right things
  • relevant and constructive on the long run
  • supporting and easy to use
  • transparent and safe

Therefore, we invite the world’s brightest brains to join our open ecosystem and inspire them to contribute to today’s smartest digital solutions.

Make a difference

We are driven by a collective belief what we do matters and will make a difference. So, we dream and discover, in search of the new and exciting. We change and transform, by pushing things forward and getting things done. We educate and co-create, striving for better instead of more. Together we will raise the professional standards of both data leverage and data ethics, free the world from the complexity of technology and create a digital landscape for advanced discovery and decision making. Building long-term relationships and loyalty along the way.

Partner empowerment

To us, building long-term partnerships doesn’t mean trying to hold hostage – by charging exorbitant rates or demanding absurd contracts. Our data scientists and digital experts are committed to educate and share knowledge, rather than keeping our magic exclusive. By allowing our partners to develop self-sufficiency and to get smarter about how to use data in their day-to-day work, we empower them to grow their data driven business.

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Digital Business Excellence
for pro-active companies.

Because  that is where our joint efforts can be of direct influence, delivering relevant value.

Trusted digital experiences
for internet users.

By bearing in mind their need for privacy and security, by sharing knowledge and delivering information.

The facilitation of a secure infrastructure by regulators.

By initiating an open dialogue and presenting the latest technological innovations.

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Do you share our principles?

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