The data explosion in our hyper-connected world.

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Knowledge is power, but knowing how to use knowledge to make a difference with relevant impact, is even more powerful. In our hyper-connected world, there is data in everything we do. Millions of people, devices and appliances are interacting continuously, generating trillions of gigabytes – of which 80% is collected and stored without being used.

“80% of Big Data is collected and stored without being used.”

Most companies in the U.S. for instance have at least 100 terabytes stored. And the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) will even catapult these figures to new heights. Big Data is becoming a Big Deal for every company and its complexity is generally broken down into four V’s:


The immense scale of data coming towards you.

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All the different forms of data, from website to sensor data.

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The speed at which data are generated.

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The uncertainty of how accurate data are.

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“Through 2015 only 15% of companies will be able

to exploit Big Data for their competitive advantage.”

– Gartner

So there is an immense opportunity for your company if you can make sense of data. And we are here to help you do that, turning Big Data into reliable customer insights.

We empower you to deploy the smartest data operations in the world, to create a competitive advantage and boost your business. All with the utmost concern for data quality and data ethics. Because the real fun starts when you can rely on your data.

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